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Linux 文件删除后未释放空间解决办法

Linux lsof 大约 2298 字





lsof | grep deleted


java       89018 root  125w  REG               0,22                      /logs/log-info.log (deleted)


> /proc/89018/fd/125




使用man lsof查看更多字段。

FD         is the File Descriptor number of the file or:

               cwd  current working directory;
               Lnn  library references (AIX);
               err  FD information error (see NAME column);
               jld  jail directory (FreeBSD);
               ltx  shared library text (code and data);
               Mxx  hex memory-mapped type number xx.
               m86  DOS Merge mapped file;
               mem  memory-mapped file;
               mmap memory-mapped device;
               pd   parent directory;
               rtd  root directory;
               tr   kernel trace file (OpenBSD);
               txt  program text (code and data);
               v86  VP/ix mapped file;

          FD is followed by one of these characters, describing the mode under which the file is open:

               r for read access;
               w for write access;
               u for read and write access;
               space if mode unknown and no lock
                    character follows;
               ‘-’ if mode unknown and lock
                    character follows.

          The mode character is followed by one of these lock characters, describing the type of lock applied to the file:

               N for a Solaris NFS lock of unknown type;
               r for read lock on part of the file;
               R for a read lock on the entire file;
               w for a write lock on part of the file;
               W for a write lock on the entire file;
               u for a read and write lock of any length;
               U for a lock of unknown type;
               x for an SCO OpenServer Xenix lock on part      of the file;
               X for an SCO OpenServer Xenix lock on the      entire file;
               space if there is no lock.

          See the LOCKS section for more information on the lock information character.

          The FD column contents constitutes a single field for parsing in post-processing scripts.
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